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Nexterna Clearview goes live at SickKids

Healthier Children.  A Better World.
The Hospital for Sick Children (SickKids at is recognized as one of the world's foremost paediatric health-care institutions and is Canada's leading centre dedicated to advancing children's health through the integration of patient care, research and education. Founded in 1875 and affiliated with the University of Toronto, SickKids is one of Canada's most research-intensive hospitals and has generated discoveries that have helped children globally. Its mission is to provide the best in complex and specialized family-centered care; pioneer scientific and clinical advancements; share expertise; foster an academic environment that nurtures health-care professionals; and champion an accessible, comprehensive and sustainable child health system. SickKids is proud of its vision of Healthier Children. A Better World.™

The Clearview Implementation Project is scheduled to go live in Spring 2011. The SickKids Medical Engineering team will use Clearview to manage the medical equipment (assets) in the Hospital, provide preventive maintenance of Hospital devices to ensure up-time of all patient-care equipment, conduct inventory control of service parts for medical equipment, schedule and complete medical engineering service activities, etc.

In its implementation of Clearview, SickKids takes full advantage of:

  • Service Order Management
  • Asset and Automatic Warranty Tracking
  • Asset Inventory Management with Bar Coding
  • Automated Preventive Maintenance Service
  • Parts Management including RMA
  • Technician Scheduling
  • SLA Monitoring
  • Clearview Custom Business Rules for auto generation of emails, notifications, escalations, data defaults, data validation, etc.
  • Clearview Customizable browsers, etc.
  • Clearview Reporting
  • Customer Web Access for Department Users to View/Log Service