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Nexterna answers to the demands of ever changing requests for data exchange with customers, vendors and third party applications by providing seamless, real-time integration with Clearview Link and Integration Services.

At Nexterna, we pride ourselves in the depth and flexibility of Clearview. As Clearview is a best-of-breed Service Management application, our integration with external systems has to be real-time and transparent to the user community. Here is a highlight of some of the integrations we have done in the past. While some of these may not relate directly to your business, you may be able to implement similar types of interfaces to help streamline your operations.

For those of you that may not know, Nexterna has an integration application called Clearview Integration Services (CVIS). It is workflow based integration with Clearview with an extensive list of formats and methods for exchanging data. It allows for the scheduling of one job to complete multiple steps in any integration complete with exception reporting and notification. CVIS is scalable to handle the importing of thousands of records at a time.


With proven integration for third party service providers to IBM, Nexterna expanded on this offering to include HP (GSEM) and a new project with Dell. While these interfaces process hundreds of transactions an hour, there are also interfaces with customer systems that require as much flexibility. While the solution for the customer may be custom, the infrastructure it uses and the business logic can be utilized amongst them. Below are some types of interfaces we have developed with Service providers:

  • Email Interface - Incoming e-mail to a central location, loading / updating Service Orders in Clearview.
  • Spreadsheet Interface - New Service Orders loaded from a spreadsheet into Clearview.
  • Flat File (XML, CSV, EDI) - combination with FTP to load, archive and export data between a source system.
  • Web Services - interchange of data to/from Clearview. HTTP + XML & SOAP.
  • Email Notification and escalation updates.
  • Email Interface - Incoming e-mail to a central location, loading / updating Service Orders in Clearview.

In addition to integration for customer systems, we also added integration for GPS with Contigo. Visit for further details about their offerings.


Shipment Tracking
We have implemented interfaces with both Fedex and UPS for the following capabilities:

  • Importing of Tracking #'s from the Shipping Software for direct shipments.
  • Importing of Tracking # for Third Party shipments using common shipping accounts.
  • Tracking of shipments, shipment status, signed by name, etc. to automatically process shipments / movements within Clearview or just provide update status alerts.
  • Return Label Generation provides the ability for your technicians or logistics staff to generate a return shipping label from within Clearview or Web Access for printing and automatic linking to the RMA for tracking.
  • Shipping Document provides a common area for all shipping that will occur from within Clearview, the ability to track shipments manually or view the up-to-date status and ETA.

Vendor Interface
We have implemented a standard Vendor interface that will allow for the following:

  • Exporting of new or cancelled Purchase Orders by Vendor
  • Importing of Vendor Order #'s, Tracking information and Receipt Details.
  • Vendor Invoice import - pulling in invoices from Vendors related to Purchase Orders/Receipts and deductions for RMA's or DOA parts. We can compare this to the information in Clearview and based on defined rules either automatically approve these or provide options for manual approval before exporting to an accounting application for payment.

We have also partnered with PC Parts for an implementation of a Vendor Managed Inventory. In this interface, PC Parts will supply an inventory on hand for your needs. When parts are used from this inventory, Clearview will generate a Purchase Order to the vendor to purchase the inventory they have supplied. Standard Clearview Replenishment can be used and automated to create $0 purchase orders to ensure the stock in this warehouse remains replenished.


Standard CVLink allows for interfacing of Invoices, Purchase Receipts and Journal Entries in an XML format. However, we have worked with many accounting applications that cannot support such advanced interface options. We have developed interfaces for JD Edwards, SAP, Dynamics, Best, AccPac and QuickBooks to name a few.

Here are some of the interfaces we have developed for our customers:

  • Customer Export
  • Vendor Export
  • Technician Export
  • Invoice/Credit Export
  • Receipt Export
  • Bill Export (Based on Third Party Technician's assigned to Service Orders)
  • Bill Credit Export (Based on Third Party Technician's not fulfilling their RMA requirements)
  • Bill Credit Export (Based on Vendor DOA's)
  • Vendor Invoice Export (with the Vendor Invoice Import see Logistics above), we can go through an approval process before interfacing these to accounting for payment.
  • Bill Payment Import (Payment of Third Party Technicians providing them with Check #, Payment Date, Amount, etc. and making this visible to them via Web Access or E-mail notification).