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Clearview's latest release expands GPS services provider offerings to include Contigo.

Nexterna Limited, a leading provider of service management and workforce solutions, has announced a new version of Nexterna Clearview. The company says this release will give customers enhanced visibility into their workforce and profit which will help them increase their service operating efficiency and ensure service SLA commitments are met.

The Nexterna Clearview Service Management application is web-based and includes in-depth modules for service order management, sales order management, optimized dispatch with integrated mapping, contracts and preventative maintenance, product/asset tracking, and logistics and reverse logistics. Among the software enhancements included in this release:

Additional GPS Provider Integration

Partnering with Contigo, a leading provider of Location-Based Services, Nexterna expands their GPS offerings to include an additional partner. Clearview was the first service management application with built in GPS reporting for optimized scheduling and service efficiency reporting. This partnership allows us to expand our current offerings to support additional solutions by providing additional functionality and potential cost savings for our customers.

Enhanced Pricing

Offering a fully configurable pricing structure for Service orders, Call Center, Sales Orders and Contracts is key to ensuring flexibility and consistency in your service offerings. We have enhanced our already extremely flexible pricing model to include fixed cost pricing, time and material pricing based on Service Type, Priority and Coverage offerings specific to each call.

Web Portal Customizability

Nexterna's Web Portal for Customers, Technicians, Managers and now Vendors offers extensive capabilities in viewing / updating information within Clearview. We have now expanded the main page to provide fully customizable and dynamic tabs allowing a view into unlimited information within Clearview. Definitions by User group allow you to provide custom views of information to specific customer groups. One view could be of Retainer activity, another of open calls, another of their invoices, etc. The possibilities are endless.