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Clearview now includes advanced logistics and CorpSystem's Sales Tax Online integration.

Nexterna Limited, a leading provider of service management and workforce solutions, has announced a new version of Nexterna Clearview. The company says this release will give customers enhanced replenishment and logistics capabilities which will help them ensure service delivery requirements are met.

The Nexterna Clearview Service Management application is web-based and includes in-depth modules for service order management, sales order management, optimized dispatch with integrated mapping, contracts and preventative maintenance, product/asset tracking, and logistics and reverse logistics. Among the software enhancements included in this release:

Advanced Inventory Replenishment

Automatic generation of Purchase Orders or Requisitions based on the Min/Max levels set driven from usage and trends. Ad hoc or automated execution ensures inventory levels are set accurately to meet the demand of your customers.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Partnering with PC Parts, Clearview offers the ability to outsource your inventory to a third party logistics provider. Real-time generation of Purchase orders for usage, visibility of available inventory, integration of min/max levels and suggested vendor pricing and scheduled replenishment purchase generation round out a complete offering to sourcing parts for service repair orders. Combined with our Vendor Integration for Invoices and 3-way matching and a Vendor Portal for additional access, you're ensured to have the right part at the right time.

Shipping Integration

Clearview fully integrates with Fedex and UPS today for automated tracking of shipments, importing of third party tracking details and generation of return labels. With the real time updating of the shipments within Clearview to identify the status and to trigger operations when marked delivered, you can automate a large portion of logistics and reduce any manual steps.

Sales Tax Integration

Clearview can now defer the tax calculations to CorpSystem's Sales Tax Online, a web-based tax calculation, tracking and verification application. Tax calculations are performed within Sales Tax Online and reported back to Clearview for reporting on the Invoice, original transaction and journals generated for consistency. Sales Tax Online can then be used for tax liability reporting based on the transactions recorded in Clearview.