Clearview Mobile

Clearview Mobile enables your field service technicians and your dispatch center to instantly share customer, product and service history information.  Features include:

  • Clearview Mobile Service Order Management

    Service Order Management

    Syncronization of services orders and supporting data between Clearview and Clearview Mobile giving technicians the complete picture while in the field.

    Technicians can complete service orders tasks including travel and labor times, parts usage, consumables, memos, electronic signature capture and printing of the service order.  Additional files can be attached to the service order for completion by the technician or to provide the technician with diagnostic information.

    Service History can be exported from Clearview to the mobile application for troubleshooting assistance and/or to provide the technician with history for the customer site and the specific product history requiring service.

  • Clearview Mobile Custom Business Rules & Browsers

    Custom Business Rules & Browsers

    Your application can utilize default data, and initialize business-required data entry and/or model processes, reducing administration time and eliminating duplication of effort.

  • Clearview Mobile Automatic Invoice Generation

    Automatic Invoice Generation

    Once your field technician uploads a completed service order, your Mobile application can automatically generate invoices, improving billing and cash flow.

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