Clearview Link

Clearview Link includes the following features:

  • Data Import/Export Tool

    Data Import/Export Tool

    With CVLink and the universal data exchange language XML, you can quickly, easily import, and export information such as invoice, journal and payables data. Requests for data can be scheduled or requested on demand via HTTP requests. Customize or add new requests for data with ease.

  • Clearview Integration Services

    Clearview Integration Services

    When you need to expand upon data import / export and move into seamless integration with a third party system, you need Clearview Integration Services (CVIS). CVIS provides a workflow based integration for any source or destination integrating with Clearview. Supported methodologies / formats include web services, FTP/sFTP, EDI, HTTP / XML, e-mail, Excel, flat file, to name the most common ones.

  • Custom Update Tool

    Custom Update Tool

    Provides you with mass update capabilities utilizing standard and any custom business rules to ensure data integrity. Whether you need to change the Sales Rep on all customer locations in a specific state or change the technician on all open service orders to another one or change the name on all customer locations to the new company name, this tool will save time and resources from performing any of these typically manual operations.

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