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What Can Clearview Do For You?

Nexterna Clearview is the most powerful service management application you can put to work for you. It is feature rich, flexible and responsive, putting the power of real-time communications and information in your hands, tailored specifically to your corporate needs.

  • Feature Rich Modules

    Clearview modules enable you to deliver real value through your mobile workforce, driving your business the field, at your hub, on the bottom line.

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  • Flexibility

    Clearview is one of the most flexible integrated systems available. View all your information the way you want using ad-hoc querying and advanced drill down functions.

    Custom Business Rules allow for alerts, workflow based processes, custom data validation and shortcuts to common functions to reduce manual operation.

  • Integration

    With Clearview Link and Clearview Integration Services, data is seamlessly integrated with Clearview and any external systems; including financial, external call systems, third party shipping providers, etc.

    Read more about Clearview's integration options

  • World Class Support

    World Class Support

    Our customers are our business partners...we work together to make your business a success.

    Our knowledgeable, in-house customer care staff provide you with personalized exceptional service and support.

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Learn more about Clearview
See how Nexterna Clearview can help your organization
See how Nexterna Clearview can help your service organization reduce their costs, increase revenue and improve customer satisfaction.

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"One reason we went with Nexterna was that Clearview contains all the platforms we need to run the field service business in real-time."

Jerry Daniel, Regional Vice President, Service
Tomra North America